“Pambansang Daliri”, new title for Mommy D.

Mommy DIonisia Pacquiao recently on trending following her “dirty finger” gesture during his son Manny Pacquiao’s fight last Sunday. Mommy D accepted her new title as “Pambansang Daliri” according to PhilStar.


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Most Heart Touching TV Commercial

Most Heart Touching TV Commercial

Just in case you missed it, here’s a Thai TV commercial where it inspires most deepest hearts. Will you give and leave nothing for you and gain good emotions?.

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Tiny Bicycle ride

This video makes a lot of stomach go aches, amazing video of a man riding on a tiny bicycle!

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Why Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 a fail?

Why Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 a fail?

Tyra Banks’ own show “America’s Next Top Model” became one of the most watched reality shows in the US, then there have been “Asia’s Next Top Model” which started cycle 1 in 2013. This year the Asia’s franchise to Banks’ famous reality show became a trending topic on the internet following the show’s finale episode for Cycle 2.


The show started all smoothly and every viewers most probably already have their own bets, the girls came from different countries in Asia to get the title as “Asia’s Next Top Model”. The show promised enticing prizes such as a Subaru car, modelling classes and will be featured in Harper’s Bazaar magazines in Singapore and in Malaysia and a new face for TRESemm√©¬†. Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 is based in Malaysia while Cycle 1 begins in Singapore, which the contestants official residence was in Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.


When many already are eliminated from the show, some issues began to manifest, one episode was not shown due to some unforeseen circumstances following the Malaysia Airlines’ flight MH370′s disappearance. AsNTM (Asia’s Next Top Model) did not broadcast the episode where Nicole Lee was eliminated, basing on StarWorld channel advisory. I am not sure if the episode was shown in other countries, but we never knew how and why Nicole Lee was eliminated.


When four of the contestants are left, Katarina, Jodilly, Marie and Sheena, they have been invited by Harper’s Bazaar magazine for a go see in one of the hotels in Kuala Lumpur. Editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar magazine Natasha Kraal was the one who evaluated the four girls, she had very good comments for Jodilly, Marie and Sheena, for Katarina she had to say the girl should act like a lady. Natasha Kraal had one comment about Sheena’s hair and thought the girl had undercut, and Sheena explained that she had her hair bleached and was over treated that’s why it’s brittle. Sheena admits she didn’t find the go see in favor of what she had performed and was quite not confident about it. If you are the viewer, you can tell who the winner is during the go see segment of the show, and it’s obviously not Sheena because of what Natasha Kraal’s disappointment on Sheena’s hair etc. while she had very nice comments on the other girls. Sheena Liam was surprised when Natasha called her name as the chosen winner for the go see. If you watched the episode, you knew what I’m talking about. Well, they all deserve to win that day, it’s just that, it was unexpected.


Now Sheena Liam enjoyed $1,000 worth of MAC make-ups which she didn’t expect she could win. Another thing happened which surely some people didn’t like was when Marie had her last photoshoot, Kenneth Goh, (the man who wear’s protective glasses during deliberation) wants her to be a “man” during the shoot while Mike Rosenthal wants her to be a “lady”, which made the girl confused on what to do, that scenario made the Japanese girl eliminated from the show because of a not so good picture.


And there the top three was left, who among them who you think deserves to be at the top?. You might have a bet from the three because the girl is very good or simply the girl is from your own country, but it doesn’t matter, the winner is in the judges hands. Judges are Mike Rosenthal, Joey Mead King, Adam Williams and Nadya Hutagalung among from their guest judges.


Katarina was then eliminated from Cycle 2 and I guess that’s because she had a lot of needed improvements such as how she walks etc., judges wants her to be not just a beauty but also a great model.


When the winner for the Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 was announced, Sheena Liam was surprised, well everyone will be surprised for sure if you hear your name was called as the winner right?. Sheena’s reaction was quite a controversy, Jodilly from the start is the one who gives in a lot of effort on her performances and was disappointed. It’s like, you were confident enough to win the title but did not get it, and then the other one expected not to win because she’s not confident with her performance. This article is not intended to tell people who really the winner is, but telling the people not to expect what you are expecting and not bring in too much attention to any of the shows that makes you stupid. It’s simple, just watch the show.


Sheena Liam is the winner for the cycle 2 of the Asia’s Next Top Model, now who will win the Cycle 3 if there is any?. The lesson here is that, we should not be putting much emotion on what we are watching, nevermind their comments, coachings and lies. People knows what they are watching, and that makes people know what is good and what is bad. So Cycle 2 has ended and that ends my story too. You are free to give comments so long as you don’t spam. Remember, we know what is good and what is bad, Congratulations Sheena Liam!.

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What to do if you’re not on leave this holiday?

What to do if you’re not on leave this holiday?

The Lenten season and holiday is upcoming, on April 16, 17 and 18th will be the dates most of employees are on holiday mode and plan for a summer getaway. What if you have work on those days just like me?, what to do now?, lol. It’s just envious to think most of friends are enjoying the beach, the mountains, the fresh waters and there you are in the office doing your job because you do not have holiday. It’s good to have a double pay though but isn’t it much enjoyable to take a break and see what you can do or experience this summer?. Well, you’re not alone.

We can still enjoy this summer by doing inexpensive stuffs such as going to a friends condo and share their pool and other amenities, go to a public pool with friends or into a spa. While others are on holiday, expect dull moments on the streets especially in the area of Makati, based on my years of experience in the city. There will be less cars moving around, pass by closed establishments and a few people walking.



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